Dimmitt Middle School – Day 2

Trip Day: Dimmitt MS Day 2

Location: Vashon and Blake Island

Name(s): Dimmitt Middle School

School/Grade: 7th grade

The students and crew woke to a calm, scenic and colorful sunrise morning on the east side of Vashon Island.
After skipping stones across the quiet water following breakfast, the shore crew packed up and joined the boat crew to start the journey for the day.

The day was full of science on the foredeck, and learning navigation skills in the cockpit next to the helm station.



It was a great day for sailing as the students and crew navigated around the south end, and up the west side of Vashon Island. Their journeys eventually took them to the harbor on Blake Island where they are spending the night.

Read the Afternoon Report to get a summary of the day.

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