Catharine Blaine – Trip2 – Day2

Trip Day: Catharine Blaine trip2

Location: San Juan Islands

Name(s): Catharine Blaine

School/Grade: 8th grade

Day two started with a glorious sunrise following a very spectacluar moonset.

Student Afternoon Report

Date: 10/27/25, Day 2
Location: Jones Island
Student Name: John Paul

Today, I, John Paul, got sea sick and threw up several times. The weather changed from wavy to calm several times so it was a rough time for many of the students, but the afternoon was nice as we made our way to Jones Island.   We have also collected our fourth piece of data today. We looked at plankton under microscopes, and most of the students felt seasickness by then, even if only a little.

According to Gavin, “We saw a raven do a barrel roll as it made its way into the clearing.” The quote of the day is by Julious during cleanup chores, ” Don’t drink bleach, it isn’t good for you.” Also, a jellyfish was spotted by Maisie, near the boat as we approached Jones Island.

Right now, we are docked on a floating dock on Jones Island. We are secured with multiple ropes. If you look from the island, the Carlyn is docked on the left, and pointed backwards towards the opening of the bay.

The weather for today was mostly nice. At first, it was windy with a mostly clear sky. Later in the day, the sky cleared up and the wind left, but it didn’t last long because Captain Tom used the motor to push forword and the wind was once again in our faces. I was freezing outside because I didn’t bring gloves or a beanie, but Salish Seas provided some stuff to keep us warm.

In science, we learned the diffence in types of zooplankton and phytoplankton and the way they work. We also learned different manuvers, such Tacking and Gybing. A highlight in science was deploying the equipment and then looking at the zooplankton through the microscopes.

Expectations for tomorrow is that everyone eat good hearty meals all day long, and for everyone to be safe and to have fun. The one thing everyone is looking forward to is to sleep on the shore or on the boat. Something I look forward to is to get better and enjoy the sights more.

Moon set from Sucia Island

Moon set from Sucia Island

Sunrise on Sucia Island

Sunrise on Sucia Island

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