Alderwood Middle School, Day 3, May 2015

Trip Day: Day 3

Location: James Island, WA

Name(s): Elaine W.

School/Grade: Alderwood Middle School

Do you have any interesting stories about today….

I had lots of fun putting up the main sail and helping put up the jib sail.

Any favorite wildlife sightings, quotes, games to share?

We saw several seals which were fun to watch bob in the water

Describe the anchorage or moorage where Carlyn is right now:

We are at a small ‘peanut’ island tied to a dock. Beyond the dock there are lots of tall trees.

Today’s weather:

It has been beautiful with only a few clouds and lots of sun and little wind.

Describe highlights from today’s science and sailing watches:

We finished up our science project today and had a debate about whether our data results were supportive or unsupportive. Today my watch also helped put up the main sail.

Do you have any questions, concerns, or expectations for tomorrow?

I’m a little nervous and excited about tomorrow when I have to leave my new friends and go back to school.

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