Alderwood Middle School – Day 1

Trip Day: Day 1

Location: Sucia Island

Name(s): Ezra

School/Grade: 7th/8th

It was a spectacular northwest spring morning as the student crew made their way to Cap Sante Marina. They arrived early enough that the captain thought they could leave a bit early and make it all the way to Sucia Island north of Orcas Island.

The skies were clear enough all day that Mt Baker seemed to be their guiding beacon on the horizon. Early in the day, the students learned the skills to raise the mainsail and tend the line. The mainsail and the jib sail carried the wind on the journey during the day.

The boat found quiet moorage i Echo Bay. The students went ashore and explored the tidelands of the island after setting up camp.

The Afternoon Report was provided by Ezra.

Our S/V Carlyn is anchored in the middle of Echo Bay on Sucia Island. Mount Baker looks big on the horizon.

The weather today was sunny with light clouds.

The highlights from today were when we raised and lowered the mainsail. That was complex.
The water sampling equipment was also amazing.

We are very hopeful for whale and jellyfish sightings tomorrow.

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