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Odyssey Multi-age School Challenge Day

Odyssey Multiage Program – Days 2 & 3

Sailing, Navigation, Science & Iron Chef Teams worked hard to prepare for Challenge Day, building on their knowledge and critical thinking and collaboration skills as they navigated the Carlyn through the Salish Sea while testing silica and zooplankton.  We’re feeling like our future is in pretty good hands…

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Odyssey Multiage Program – Day 1

There’s nothing like a crisp fall day on the Salish Sea to jump-start our 2019 fall season!  Unless you’re spending that day with eager-to-learn students like our crew from the Odyssey Multiage Program…  And you’re welcomed by friendly, waving ferry passengers…  And a curious sea lion..  And a seal, too…  And plankton – lots and lots of plankton…

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Girl Scouts of Western WA

We kicked off the last trip of our spring season with a fun group of ladies from the Western Washington Girl Scouts who were big fans of the science even if they didn’t fully appreciate our sailing fashions.

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The Sage School – Day 2

Perfect weather for our ninth grade students from The Sage School to tackle Challenge Day – which they managed with great success!

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The Sage School – Day 1

The Sage School ninth graders are on board and underway!

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LaConner Middle School – Day 2

From the (not so) tall to the very, very small…  The kids from LaConner witnessed lots of wildlife in their habitat today from seals napping on rocks to the plankton they collected from (and later returned to) the Salish Sea and viewed under the laboratory microscopes.

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LaConner Middle School – Day 1

Another beautiful Pacific Northwest day for sailing.  Our 6th and 7th graders from LaConner Middle School took to it like otters to water and got a great start on their science investigations!

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Manson MS Options – Day 2

Fittingly, a day of blue skies accompanied more science and sailing lessons followed by rain and windy conditions setting the backdrop for our Challenge Day.  That didn’t slow down our Manson Options students a single bit, though…

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Manson MS Options – Day 1

An absolutely gorgeous day to be out on the water with our eastern WA students from Manson Middle School Options.  The kids caught sight of some harbor porpoises frolicking between the islands while we sailed and ‘scienced’.

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Villa Academy – Day 3

After an overnight stay on Cypress Island, our intrepid Villa Academy 7th grade crew found that today’s Challenge Day came with the added trial of cool, rainy weather…

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