Overview of Programs

SOUND Program: Multi-Day Expedition (boat-based)

This authentic science inquiry program provides combined classroom boat-based experiences aboard the 61-foot sailing research vessel Carlyn expeditions of oceanographic research, and nautical science and seamanship aboard the 61-foot sailing research vessel, Carlyn. On this innovative educational platform, student scientists and sailors conduct marine science research under the careful guidance of Captain and Crew.

SOUND Program: 1-Day Expedition (boat-based)

During 1-Day Expeditions student scientists and sailors board the 61-foot sailing research vessel Carlyn and participate in hands on activities based on the Salish Sea ecosystem, water quality issues and nautical science. This program is available for up to 28 students.

SOURCE Program for Schools and Youth Groups (land-based)

This is a land-based program designed to increase student knowledge and foster awareness of watershed and stormwater issues in the Puget Sound watershed. Salish staff visit school campuses and conduct lectures and activities inside the classroom and on school grounds that help students learn how what they do at home can ultimately affect the health of the Puget Sound ecosystem.

Salish Sea Student Science Symposium

The Salish Sea Student Science Symposium, hosted by the the Seattle Aquarium and Salish Sea Expeditions, brings together student scientists, professional scientists and science teachers to share, explore and discuss research on Salish Sea and its streams, tributaries and shorelines.

Marine Explorers & Marine Leaders for Youth (boat-based)

This boat-based program provides 2-Day expeditions of oceanographic research, nautical science and seamanship aboard the 61-foot sailing research vessel, Carlyn. This variation of our SOUND program is offered each season as an opportunity for individual students to experience a Salish program. Students work together in a mixed-age, interdisciplinary “classroom” setting to conduct marine science research under the guidance of Salish crew and educators.

Educator Expeditions & Workshops

Our Professional Development Workshops are an introduction to inquiry-based science and the valuable asset of facilitating student-designed, field-based science research with your student scientists.