Day Camps

Whidbey Island

Salish Sea Science Explorers (ages 11-15)
Date July 24-28
Time 9am-4pm

Explore our connections to Puget Sound through Science games and hands-on activities at Whidbey Islands beautiful parks! We will investigate local water quality and its connection to the health of Puget Sound and the creatures that live there. ROVs and advanced scientific equipment will allow us explore the marine environment in detail and get up close and personal with intertidal creatures! Microscopes will allow us to explore the unseen world of the marine food-web. Local scientists will also be visiting the camp to share their knowledge with us during the week!

Cost:  $225
Location:  South Whidbey & Freeland parks, Whidbey Island, WA

Bainbridge Island

Camp #1
Salish Sea Science Explorers (ages 11-15)
Date June 26-30
Time 9am-4pm
Cost:  $280

Camp #2
Salish Sea Science Explorers II (ages 11-15)
Date:July 10-14
Time 9am-4pm
Cost:  $290

The marine waters edges of Puget Sound are an amazing place to explore. Sea stars, shore crab and seaweeds live mostly under the water but sometimes above the waterline when the tide is out. Is the water of the incoming tide any different? We will explore the connections of Puget Sound by getting wet and dirty. Together we will investigate where the land meets the water and discover how some critters live in both worlds.
Campers will design, build and deploy their own monitoring buoys, use water quality testing tools, and collect observations of the marine world.
We will also track the animals that live in the forest and follow their footprints using the superpower of UV light.
The journey of each day will begin and end at Fort Ward St Park.

Explorers Camp #2 will also visit the NOAA shellfish restoration and research center at Manchester. There will be a sea cucumber in your future!

Learn about the incredible marine world of Puget Sound and explore where the land meets the water!
Location:  Fort Ward Park, Bainbridge Island, WA


What is Salish Sea Expeditions?

Salish Sea Expeditions is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization established to provide an opportunity for students to design and conduct real scientific research from the decks of a sailing vessel on Puget Sound.

What types of camps do you offer?

We offer a science- and art-focused, midwinter break camp in addition to our science-based summer camps.

Who can participate?

Campers ages 11-15 in the upcoming school year.

What is the maximum number of participants?

We can host up to 12 campers per camp session.

What will happen during the day?

Each day is filled with fun projects, activities, and speakers that help campers use the process of scientific inquiry to explore curiosities about the natural environment around them. The curriculums of these day camps are designed to focus on different aspects of the local watershed and marine area in which the camps are conducted. Some days are spent designing and conducting research about topics ranging from local water quality to what creatures live within the intertidal zone. Others are spent collecting, racing, and observing plankton under microscopes, learning from guest speakers about topics ranging from ocean acidification to Orca biology.

When and Where?

Our camps are held in June and July of each year. Camps presently occur on Bainbridge and Whidbey Islands.

Program Details

Summer Day Camps 2017

Bainbridge Island
June 26-30
July 10-14
Whidbey Island
July 24-28
Age Levels: 11-15