Ship's Log

Jarrow Montessori – Day 1

We set out today with a great young crew from Jarrow Montessori for a 4-day excursion.  A Salish sea lion and porpoise were part of the welcoming party!

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Open Window School – Day 4

Challenge Day with the young scientists of Open Window School was every bit as successful as we expected it would be.  Some local fowl bore witness and served as additional study subjects…

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Open Window School – Day 3

Calm seas, starry skies and… rice krispy treats.   And science, too – lots and lots of science.  How do those seas change with depth?  What’s going on in those starry skies?  And those rice krispy treats…?  Well, they were just delicious.

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Open Window School – Day 2

As early as the days of Leondardo da Vinci, we’ve seen the benefits of the relationship between art and science.  Creativity has driven scientific breakthroughs and visual art has been used documented the natural world for thousands of years (think cave drawings).  Our Open Window students explored this connection, taking time during our stop on Jones Island to create some stunning beach art using only items found on the beach.

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Open Window School – Day 1

Open Window School is underway!  Check out the shot of S/V Orion – the second boat of this 2-boat expedition.  Orion trailed the Carlyn as the duo made their way through the Rosario Strait on a gorgeous sunny spring day.

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Peak to Peak – Day 4

Another day out on the water for these intrepid sailors & scientists! While in sailing in Rosario Strait, students continued to see much of the wildlife the Salish Sea offers. Following their curiosity, they asked: What kind of Jellyfish did we find on Orcas Island? Which way is Canada?

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Peak to Peak – Day 3

Now everyone is getting into the swing of things! While winds were light, it left room to explore aspects of living on a boat. At the end of the day, Carlyn found her way to a beautiful anchorage on the northern side of Lopez Island.  Read more ›

Peak to Peak – Day 2

Many more adventures are in store as students set out on their second day on the water. The sun started to peak out from behind scattered clouds as as student traveled through San Juan Channel. Highlights from today include learning how to sail & seeing seals in the water.

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Peak to Peak – Day 1

Peak to Peak returns to the Salish Sea! All the way from Colorado, another group of eager marine scientists & sailors step aboard Carlyn. The day holds many wonders including porpoise sightings!

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The Island School – Day 2

Good morning from Day 2 of the Island School Expedition.  Students have started to get used to the routines of shipboard life & are increasing their nautical skills. Learning about chart & navigation, this morning’s ships log was location was recorded only with GPS Coordinates: 48º 35′ N & 122º 57.5′ W.  Can you find where these students were on a chart?

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