Ship's Log

Villa Academy – Day 2

Knots and plankton and monsters, oh my!  Seventh graders from Villa Academy had an absolutely packed day working to help navigate and man Carlyn, collect and study…

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Villa Academy – Day 1

Heading out with our Villa Academy seventh graders.  Covered a good distance thanks to favorable sailing conditions and a lot of material thanks to the students’ bright minds and eagerness to learn!

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Eton School – Day 4

“Water is like a mirror.”  In more ways than one, kids.  In more ways than one…  Here’s to students like you who are learning today so you can work…

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Eton School – Day 3

We had a very busy Challenge Day with the Eton School students – science observations, quests and experiments galore!

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Eton School – Day 2

We’ve got our science goin’ on!  The Eton students studied up on plankton and its important in the Salish Sea (and the rest of the world) today.

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Eton School – Day 1

Getting under way with the 7th and 8th graders from Eton School!  A few porpoises were seen while we collected plankton today.  Excited to see what the next few days bring…

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The Sussex School – Day 2

A nice breeze and calm waters made for a great sailing day!  Our young Sussex crew mastered navigation.

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The Sussex School – Day 1

Sussex School is underway and sailing the San Juan Islands! Check out Carlym’s track from the past day!


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Jarrow Montessori – Day 3

Looks like it was Carlyn‘s turn to play follow the leader as she trailed Orion around Jones Island on sunny Day 3 of the Jarrow Montessori trip.  The young sailors were escorted by porpoises, bald eagles and a seal today.

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Jarrow Montessori – Day 2

You know science is fun when the students are scrambling to get down below to the microscopes even when the sun in shining!

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