Salish Sea Expeditions has been providing student-directed experiences for over 15 years.  We value hearing what our community has to say about our programs.  The comments from teachers, students, parents, and colleagues helps us ensure that our program is current and on track with meeting the needs of its audience.

What are people saying about our program?

Quotes from students:

“The entire journey was eye opening.  It gave me an interest in marine biology and definitely did a great job of getting us out of the classroom.  I’ve always enjoyed doing activities that are less paper based, like research projects and labs that are more hands-on.  The trip took that whole idea and blew it up 10-fold.  This may be one of the highlights of my high school career.” – Student, Liberty Bell High School
“These trips showed me that I had potential. Salish and the crew that they employ ignited a passion about life that has led me to take the world by storm. The combination of hands on learning and being pushed past what I thought were my limits made me who I am today; none of this would have happened without that 1st boat trip. It has been an amazing journey. I found my calling, and I realized that decks full of boots is where my heart lies.” – Cassidy Ferrall, Student

Quotes from teachers:

“I’ve been involved with Salish Sea Expeditions for over 10 years as a classroom teacher.  For my science students, it is without question the highlight of their year and the most powerful experience my students have to connect to real field science.  I frequently hear back from my students years later who tell me that they remember their Salish trip as the best thing they did in school.  Beyond the science, our students develop their leadership skills and build confidence to push through challenges as a team.  I have highly recommended the Salish Sea Expeditions trip to a number of teachers I know in other districts, and will continue to do so.  I hope to continue to take kids on trips through Salish for many years to come.  Salish runs the best field science program that I have ever been involved with.”  -Middle School Science Teacher
“On the trip, the group designed a study to do on the Puget Sound that looked for a correlation between water depth and pH. Part of the experience also included learning how to use various sampling equipments, looking at plankton under the microscope (below deck on the ship), camping, and one of the most memorable experiences – learning to sail enough to be in charge of sailing the group back home on the last day. The students did an amazing job, and demonstrated great leadership and collaboration skills.” – Biology Teacher
“For several years, I have attended Salish programs with my students. I believe that your approach (sound science forms sound stewardship), which engages students in a process of inquiry and investigation in a natural setting, lays the foundation for them to become lifelong citizen-scientists—and stewards. By understanding the structure and processes of the natural world, students develop a deeper connection with their local environment.” – High School Teacher
“I love to tell people about our Salish trip. There was Maya who sat in my Chemistry class for the entire year and couldn’t ‘do the math.’ She was our navigator on the way home, doing triangulation and plotting the course! There was Tameka who was in my freshman science class, my 10th grade Biology class, and my 11th grade Chemistry class. She failed them all. Since our trip, she has become the treasurer of the Environmental Club and is dearly loved by our school’s fiscal specialist who wishes everybody could be as responsible and mature as Tameka!” – Nancy, High School Science Teacher
“Your program is remarkable, extremely well organized and run!  I am always in awe of its smooth functioning.  The challenge day was extremely well structured and your program perfectly meets our goal of expanding students’ sense of responsibility, independence and confidence.  The challenge day could not be more perfectly designed for that.” – Teacher, The Island School
“This program created a tremendous amount of positive energy at our school.  Students returned to the classroom with greater self-confidence and more enthusiasm for science. We always talk about the importance of hands-on learning, and Salish Sea Expeditions lives that every day. To engage our students in deep thinking and real-world experience, we simply must create more opportunities like this for them. ” – Superintendent
“Sound & Source provides an excellent and unique learning opportunity for our region’s students. I am not aware of another program that gives students in this age group the opportunity to design and lead their own multiple-day research expeditions and projects—and then present their findings and recommendations to an audience that includes both their peers and science professionals. Your program’s alignment with national and state learning standards helps ensure that it will increase student’s academic performance.” – High School Teacher
“I feel that our student’s sense of stewardship has shifted immensely. I imagine it will become more apparent once we arrive home and the journey has settled into their minds and hearts. They’ve grown more compassionate, patient, and tolerant of themselves and others, and their focus on science has surely been uplifted.” – Sarah Rector, Teacher at Jarrow Montessori School
“I believe that the learning students experience during this one week could possibly be the most important week of learning in their entire K-12 academic career.” – Principal, Elementary School

Quotes from parents:

“There could be no better way for my daughter to appreciate that whatshe does at home affects Puget Sound water quality…and to care!” – Parent, Eton School
“Our daughter had an absolutely incredible experience, and her time on the Carlyn has left a lasting impression.  Her wonder for marine biology continues to grow; the passion that the staff have about their field is contagious, and has only fueled D’s personal desire to learn more and continue to pursue that field.” – Parent of High School Student
“I think the structure of this program is great. It changes things up before students lose interest and provides a lot of diversity at the end.  Also there is more and more student choice incorporated as the trip goes on.” – Parent, Peak to Peak Charter School
“The teaching methods used brought to life science and sailing.” – Parent Chaperone of Middle School Student
“My son couldn’t stop talking about his sampling project today when hegot in the car. He was so animated. I think it has boosted hisconfidence and gotten him excited about school again.” – Parent, Eton School

Quotes from colleagues:

“I applaud Salish Sea Expeditions for their continued efforts to make science come alive for public school students through hands-on, inquiry-based science projects.” – Jay Inslee, Congressman
“Groups of students doing research from the decks of their 61’ sailing research vessel has been an important educational model for our region.” – Dr. Usha Varanasi, NOAA
“My fins off to the young scientists for their informative and creative projects, it gives me great hope for the future knowing that these kids will be taking the reins, and I just hope we can do enough now to give them a good head start.” – Laura James, Underwater Explorer and Videographer