Summer Camps in Session

July 28, 2015

Whidbey summer camp

Low tide beach exploration, plankton tows, a visit to Puget Sound Restoration Fund, water quality testing, salmon games, food webs, forest ecology hikes, boat adventures… and much more! These activities are all part of Salish Sea Expeditions’ summer camps this July and August.

The first week of camp took place on Bainbridge Island, where a group of 9 to 14 year olds learned about the interconnected systems that make up the marine environment, and how a healthy watershed plays a critical role.

One hands-on activity involved campers analyzing water samples taken from two watersheds, Rich Passage at Fort Ward Park, and Blakely Harbor. Students collected samples from both freshwater and saltwater environments within those sites, comparing differences and similarities due to landscape, water run-off, and other factors.

“The activities we do with the campers encourage them to think about the variables that might impact the health of a watershed, and the animals that live there,” explained Emily Owens, staff marine scientist and educator.

In addition to hands on science investigation, Salish staff incorporated writing and art throughout the week-long program. Students were taught how to draw a species account and were led in daily writing exercises, such as marine science haikus, and perspective storytelling.

Summer Camp Species Account by Ingrid

Salish staff are currently leading a second week-long camp on Bainbridge Island that began on July 27. In addition to the activities in the first session, campers have built and deployed buoys to collect oceanographic data and may have the opportunity to use an ROV to glimpse the unique underwater environment of Puget Sound. A third summer program will take place on Whidbey Island, August 17-21. It will incorporate many of these exciting tools and activities around the island’s beautiful parks.

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