Crew Spotlight: O, Captain! My Captain!

June 20, 2017

First Mate Michael Sharp took on the role of Captain during a recent trip.

Here at Salish, it’s hard to choose which is more fun: the sailing or the science. Showing kids that they can excel at BOTH is when we get really excited. Our crew of fantastic educators is the foundation upon which our program is built, and they are exceptional in delivering programs that highlight both science and sailing with enthusiasm.

This spring, our crew was a mix of veteran Salish educators and new members that added depth and breadth to our program. They handled tricky weather with true professionalism and safety-minded creativity. We owe them all a big THANK YOU for being awesome.

Deckhand KC Crowell recently earned her USCG 100T Captain’s License

We’d also like to highlight several of our crew for extra kudos: Michael Sharp — licensed first mate, intrepid educator, always willing to go big with phenomenal energy and enthusiasm — and Nora Cosbey — licensed first mate, amazing connector to students and master of sails. BOTH of these wonderful folks stepped into the role of captain for a trip this season, and did so with grace and competence. Also, big congratulations to deckhand KC Crowell for earning her 100T Captain’s license.

Do you know someone who would be a great addition to our crew of professional educators? We’re hiring for Fall 2017!

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